Monday, November 14, 2011


people taught us not to share all food with helper,
but we found hard to follow.
people taught us never treat helper well as they will rebel,
we found it is against HIS principles.
we thank HIM as HE gave us Naomi to ease our hustle and bustle at home
so that we can enjoy our children.
it is the grace of GOD,
we always thank HIM.
he always against those 'common principles'
he always remind me of HIS teaching
he always remind me of HIS life on earth 2000 years ago
and now, Naomi's love towards my beloved children proved that HIS way is always right!!!

LORD, YOU are always good to us,
YOU are always good to every one that YOU have created.
thanks to YOUR AGAPE love LORD.
teach us how to live in this world,
draw us near to YOU
so that we will be more like YOU.

Naomi called her family last night.
her mom was sick and cried in the phone.
they miss her so much and so does she...
O LORD! Guard them so that they will be safe and healthy there...
bless her with great health and joy in YOU as she is staying apart from her beloved family.

keep and bless my family too LORD, thank YOU:)

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