Saturday, April 17, 2010

Perhiasan Khemah 2010: satria is the winner

Thanks to our 'perhiasan khemah' team: Pn. Nurhanani, Pn. Nurhiyah, Cik Bee Boon Chink, Pn. Hemalatha, and especially thanks to Pn. Mahizah for her bilik seni. Thanks to their support and sincere heart to make our goal achieved. thanks to our four 4Adil and six 5Bersih students. Not forgetting our six 3Abu Bakar boys. We made it, we won this title due to our hard work and unity. 'jiayo' Satria Sang Helang!!! We have our video clips, imformation boards, 'Helang' song playing, pamplet for judges, seats to enjoy show, food and drink during show, cheer team, one tour guide, and two BM and BI presentators, most importantly, our hawk nest (with eggs inside) and cloud. I will never forget it, Temasya sukan SMK Sek. 10 Kota Damansara 2010...

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