Tuesday, May 4, 2010

when he is away for mission

Bel and i were taking care of Jeremy when daddy boy is away for mission(friday to sunday 30th April - 2nd May 2010). We really make sure Jeremy sleep well, eat enough so that when daddy boy come back, Jeremy still look the same...huhhh, finally, Jeremy was really chubby when he came back and Isabel and i really happy for we had done a good job last 3 days...thanks to my Isabel to take care of the baby when i was busy cooking and washing. She was attending a rehearsal from 9 -1130, Jeremy was with me while my mum in law went out with her sister. Jeremy was helping me in cleaning aleovera, i have no hands to change him even he urinates:p. He was sitting without wearing pants...kesian the boy. i bathed him right after i cooked...poor Jeremy. Daddy boy was home at 5pm on 2nd of May and we attended a Parents' Day Dinner at Tropicana. We were happy to meet him again...thank GOD for keeping my dearest hubby home safely. Thank YOU JESUS

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